All You Need To Know About Wynford Dore

Wynford Dore is a successful businessman who has been involved in several industrial fields. Since his early years, Dore has valued work and become a business owner at the ages of 18. In all of his work achievements, he managed to provide unique and creative solutions to many challenges in various business fields.


  • Innovation In Dore’s Work

Creativity and innovation play significant role in all the works of Wynford Dore. For example, he was able to come up with an advanced fire resistant paint technology. Asbestos and other health threatening materials were utilized in securing constructions from fire hazards. Cement based products became a temporary alternatives before Dore provide his more aesthetic material. With his unique solution, Dore gave the world a gift that have successfully replaced asbestos, mineral fibers and cement based products in protecting all types of commercial or industrial buildings from fire.

  • Family Crisis Turns Into Effective Cure

When he went through personal dilemma with his daughter Susie, Wynford Dore made sure to give his daughter’s problem 100% of his attention. Susie was having learning difficulties despite having good teachers by her side. Things at Dore’s family life became pretty complicated after Susie’s failed suicide attempts He sold his successful business and decided to solely focus the learning difficulties that Susie was going through. He has worked with teams of prominent

  • What Is The Dore Programmer All About?

The Dore Programmer mainly focuses on stimulating cerebellum. Cerebellum is a part of a human brain that is responsible for developing essential skills such as co-ordination and concentration, The programmer is suitable for children and teenagers of different ages. It can perfectly work for children of 7 years old or higher. The treatment programmer is about certain exercise that a child needs to perform on daily basis.  Ever since this programmer has been introduced to the world, thousands of suffering children have achieved major enhancement in different aspects of brain skills. These skills include retain, balance, coordination, focus and ability to learn and understand new information. Routine exercises of the programmer are not only suitable for children with dyslexia. They also work for children with other learning difficulties condition such as dyspraxia, ADHD and Asperger syndrome. Dore has set up many treatment clinics and many of them were franchised outside of Great Britain.  Costs of this treatment became really high and Dore wanted to include many more children in the treatment process. However, he was not able to find a convenient solution to this dilemma. He finally sold the clinics to an organization that is currently responsible for providing the treatment to many school children.


  • What Is Dore Doing Now?

Wynford Dore is using his researches and studies to keep working on creative teaching solution that can help struggling children. He continues working on developing web based software programs. Such programs will change the lives of many children for the better.  Dore’s method has the ability to improve important sets of skills including working memory, visual motor integration and processing speed.

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